Gunster Law FirmWe are please to present  this comprehensive summary of HB 7207, signed into law on June 2, 2011.

The way in which we manage growth in Florida changed; it did not, as some would have us believe, go away. Growth management in Florida still exists. It is streamlined. It has fewer unnecessary levels of review. It is less costly to the state and to property owners and developers. But, it still exists in a meaningful way.

The stated purpose in making the changes is to manage (as opposed to control, as was previously stated) future development “consistent with the proper role of local government.” The intent is to “focus the state role in managing growth under this act to protecting the functions of important state resources and facilities.” The legislature further clarified that all planning, including comprehensive planning, be applied “with sensitivity for private property rights and not be unduly restrictive, and property owners must be free from actions by others which would harm their property or which would constitute an inordinate burden on property rights as those terms are defined in s. 70.001(3)(e) and (f).”

House Bill 7207 encompasses 349 pages, revising multiple sections of the Florida statutes. Many of the amendments cover two text changes – the change of the name of the act from the “Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act” to the “Community Planning Act,” and removing of the twice per year limitation on comprehensive plan changes. Because there were multiple references to the old name and the now former limitation, those references needed to be removed. The questions are: (1) What does it change? and (2) What does that mean for growth management in Florida?

Read our white paper to learn the answers.

Download the complete white paper here.

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