Four quick tips from the bench

Former Florida Supreme Court Justice and Gunster attorney Ken Bell is regularly tapped by his colleagues for tips and pointers on arguing before a circuit judge, as well as counseling on courtroom strategy. During Bell’s twelve years on the circuit court bench, he developed these four pointers. 1. Remember that practicing law is a privilege. […]

Doing business with government: How to protect your trade secrets

Companies seeking to do business with state and local government in Florida need to know that the solicitation process, up to and including entering into the final contract, requires a significant degree of transparency because of the state’s very broad public records and open meetings laws, collectively known as “government in the sunshine.”  At the […]

Good business requires civic engagement

The Florida Civic Advance, an emerging network of over 45 private, nonprofit, and public organizations, has been created as a solid step forward to serve as a catalyst in promoting civic and community engagements by business. On November 6 and 7 in Orlando, the Florida Civic Advance is holding a Summit.

To Frye or to Daubert? That is the question

There has been a long simmering debate in the Florida legal community about the appropriate standard for the admissibility of expert testimony at a trial in the Florida courts. The question was whether to adopt the federal standard, commonly known as the Daubert test, or to remain with the less rigorous Frye test that has been the standard in Florida for decades. We now have an answer: Frye is still the standard.


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