We have automated many of the services associated with the proper maintenance of corporate entities.  As a result, we are able to offer our clients the full complement of annual services needed to maintain their entities for a flat annual fee of $300.00/yr*.

Here are the highlights of our new Annual Entity Administration Service.


  • Preparation and filing of one Annual Report with the appropriate state agency in Florida or Delaware
  • Preparation of Annual Meeting Resolutions / Written Consent
  • Maintenance of entity ownership records and capitalization tables
  • Equity management services
  • Preparation and maintenance of organizational charts (for up to five affiliated entities) showing affiliated and subsidiary entities**
  • Online access to your Virtual Minute Book, including compliance, governance, ownership and capitalization records


  • Electronic execution and signing of documents
  • Lower cost and more reliable document retention

The Annual Entity Administration Service flat fee reduces your administrative costs when compared to the standard hourly rates.

* Volume pricing available for clients with more than 5 entities.
** Organizational charts with more than five affiliated entities are not included in the flat fee and will be prepared at our standard hourly rates.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signature technology offers numerous benefits, including far greater convenience and simplicity in the execution of documents.  In paperless straight-through processes the document stays in electronic format throughout the entire routing process.

Benefits of paperless straight-through processes include:

  • shorter transaction processing and document cycle times
  • elimination of missing, misfiled or incomplete documentation
  • improved ability to conclude time-sensitive transactions
  • elimination of the need to route signature pages or documents to multiple signatories

If you have any questions about the services, fees, and terms and conditions, please emailEntityAdministration@gunster.com.  If you would prefer to speak with someone, please feel free to call (561) 804-4372


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