36th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School


July 19, 2022 – July 22, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


JW Marriott Marco Island

400 South Collier Boulevard
Marco Island, FL 34145

Gunster is proud to once again have its attorneys present key industry insights at the 36th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School, taking place July 19-22, 2022, in Marco Island. Hosted each year by the Florida Environmental Network and the Florida Chamber Foundation, this is the largest environmental conference in the state. More than 1,000 attorneys, consultants, engineers, state and local government officials, developers, landowners and others will unite to discuss environmental issues in Florida.

This year, the following Gunster attorneys and government affairs consultant will be leading various breakout and continuing education sessions.

Amy Boulris is an instructor for the Recent Developments in Property Rights session.
This course picks up where “Florida Property Rights 101” leaves off, discussing recent state and federal legal decisions, legislative proposals and enactments, and anything else of interest to those who deal with the nitty-gritty of public and private property issues. Read more.

Gunster attorney Rick Burgess

Rick Burgess is a panelist during the two-part series entitled Florida Brownfields: A Comprehensive Technical, Regulatory, and Legal Update.
Part I will examine the current state of regulatory and financial incentives as well market dynamics, financing considerations, and other concerns. Read more.
Part II will feature a comprehensive discussion of applicable Florida and federal rules and best management practices that will be presented by a leading panel of Florida experts. Read more.

Gunster Government Affairs Consultant Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary is an instructor for the Florida’s Environment, Water Policy, the 2021 Legislature and Beyond session.
Absolutely the most current and reliable information available on what the 2022 Legislature passed (or considered but failed to pass) and why; assessment of Florida’s changing political landscape with respect to environmental and water policy issues; comprehensive preview of what’s expected. Read more.

Gunster Attorney Debbie Madden

Debbie Madden is a panelist for the following sessions.
Wetland Jurisdiction Methodology: A State and Federal Update
Learn about how wetland jurisdiction is determined, and the subtle and not so subtle differences between Florida’s uniform statewide wetland methodology and Federal wetland methodology, and how these differences may or may not apply to your project after the state assumption of the Federal 404 program. Read more.
Comprehensive Watershed Management
The panel of experts will provide an in-depth examination of agency emphasis on watershed management as a means of comprehensively integrating a variety of planning and regulatory programs currently implemented by DEP and water management districts. Read more.

Gunster attorney Robert Manning

Robert Manning is an instructor for the New Developments in Florida’s Air Quality Regulations session.
This panel will provide an overview of major federal and state air quality legislation, rules, litigation, and initiatives, with a focus on how your normal business operations in Florida will be affected. This timely and informative course will examine EPA’s SIP Call regarding startup, shutdown, and malfunction emissions and Florida’s implementation of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone and SO2. Read more.

Gunster attorney Greg Munson

Greg Munson is an instructor for the Florida MS4 and NPDES Update session.
The panel of experts will provide a timely update on procedural and substantive considerations in permitting under the NPDES program, including stormwater; numeric nutrient criteria; program administration; case law update; enforcement and citizen suits; Read more.

Gunster attorney Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen is a panelist for the following sessions.
WMC Planning, Regulatory, and Policy Update
This course is designed to provide insight into the regulatory, planning, and water supply development programs of Florida’s five water management districts, and includes a discussion of water resource development and water supply planning; Read more.
Aquifer Recharge, Aquifer Storage and Recovery, Underground Injection Control and Potable Reuse
This panel will discuss the current status and issues involving Florida’s underground injection control (UIC) regulatory program that authorizes the injection of fluids into underground formations and aquifer recharge projects. Read more.

Gunster attorney Michael Petrovich

Mike Petrovich is a panelist for the following sessions.
Hot Topics/Emerging Issues in Waste Management
The last few years have seen a cascade of changes in contaminated media management, site cleanup and closures, as well as site redevelopment. 2021 was no different as we have witnessed several guidance documents being updated and new ones being issued. There are also new emerging elements for site closures involving Water Management Districts that may be of significant consequence. Read more.
Florida Solid Waste Regulation Update
Florida has long been one of the nation’s leaders in effective waste management and recycling programs. Florida’s population is anticipated to reach nearly 25 million residents by 2030.  How will the State address the waste management demands of these additional 3 million citizens? Read more.

Gunster attorney Luna Phillips

Luna Phillips serves as moderator for the following sessions.
Lake Okeechobee and the Estuaries: A Water Management Balancing Act
Part I will focus on the numerous developing issues affecting the Lake, including the new lake schedule “LOSOM” being implemented by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the ASR program north of the lake. Read more.
Part II will discuss Lake management decisions affect differing interests and obligations and the varying issues that must be balanced to make effective decisions. Read more.
The Essentials of Obtaining an Environmental Resource Permit: The Nuts and Bolts of ERP Permitting
This course will provide a detailed and in-depth breakdown of all aspects and components necessary for the environmental professional to obtain an ERP permit in an efficient and effective manner. Read more.

Gunster attorney Beth Ross

Beth Ross is an instructor for the two-part session entitled Emerging Water Supply Issues, Including an Update on the Central Florida Water Initiative.
Part I will explore innovative water supply projects that are emerging around Florida, including the CFWI, and the role of utilities and other significant water users now and into the future. Read more.
Part II will explore how Florida will be meeting future water supply needs via new or alternate funding and public acceptance of new technologies. Read more.

Photograph of Brian Seymour

Brian Seymour is an instructor for the Comprehensive Planning and Growth Management Update session.
This update will cover any changes by the 2022 Legislature to comprehensive planning and DRIs, as well as pending changes in growth management programs and policies; discussion of the future of the regulation of DRIs, as well as large non-DRIs in Dense Urban Land Areas; evaluation of different approval processes for large scale development. Read more.

Gunster attorney Katie Edwards-Walpole

Gunster attorney Katie Edwards-Walpole will also be attending with the team. Katie helps clients navigate the state’s five water management districts. She has represented clients before the South Florida Water Management District facing a variety of challenges, including the negotiation of cattle grazing lease agreements for ranchers, the purchase of surplus government lands, release of permit-imposed conservation easements, procurement involving a design-build contract to construct a stormwater treatment area, representation of contractors during mediation involving contractual disputes, the transfer and application of Water Use and Right of Way permits, and exchanges of interests in real property.

For further details and information, please visit the Florida Environmental Network website.


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