Gunster shareholder Frank Pohl was interviewed recently by Business News Daily for an article about what to do if audited by the IRS this tax season.

Basically, he tells writer Nicole Fallon Taylor, taxpayers needn’t stress out – but they should hire an accountant or tax attorney right away, and make sure that person attends the audit with them.

During the audit, there is no need to antagonize the auditor, Pohl says in the article. In fact, doing so will only make things worse. Respond to the auditor’s questions, but don’t offer any unncecessary or unasked-for information, he adds. Doing that may provoke more questions or uncover other potential issues.

Being audited does not always end badly, he says in the article. If the IRS issues you an audit notice, it may just be because of a error in the data or reporting. The random nature of audits can’t be avoided, CPA Sandy Gohlke, adds.

Pohl works out of Gunster’s central Florida Winter Park office, in the areas of real estate, corporate and tax law.

Read the article: Getting audited? 3 steps to handle it like a pro (Business News Daily, 4/19/16)


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