Restaurant owners struggle with gray areas in ADA laws regarding service animalsWPTV, the NBC affiliate in Palm Beach County, recently ran a story on the difficult task business owners face when it comes to enforcing ADA laws in regards to service animals. Gunster attorney Holly Griffin was tapped to give her thoughts on-air, where she stated that although it can be difficult for a business owner to identify a service animal, the business owner still has some rights under the ADA. “If it is a legitimate service animal, they should be either carried with their person or their feet should be on the ground. So, a restaurant does not have to allow a service animal to sit in a chair or sit at the table,” added Griffin.

Griffin is an attorney in Gunster’s labor & employment law practice where she focuses primarily on counseling clients, from small businesses to large institutions, in every day employment matters. She advises businesses on matters relating to wage and hour laws, disability accommodations, requests for leave, discrimination or harassment, and the hiring or firing of an employee, among others.

Watch the full interview: Restaurant owners struggle with gray areas in ADA laws regarding service animals


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