Commentary: T-Mobile-Sprint merger will help Florida businesses growAs a follow up to the announcement of the upcoming merger with T-Mobile and Sprint, Gunster government affairs consultant Ronald Brisé continues the conversation as to how this merger can benefit Florida’s business growth in an op-ed featured in the Orlando Sentinel.

In the article, Brisé addresses the T-Mobile and Sprint merger and how it will influence the demand for 5G mobile broadband network across the state. It was previously reported that T-Mobile will invest nearly $40 billion to develop a 5G network. Brisé explains how this investment will force competitors to improve their quality of service and ultimately, this movement will usher in additional business opportunities. In addition, he explains how this development of 5G networks will encourage a more robust economic development, stronger and broader educational options, enhanced public safety, and greater access to health care for our communities. The potential for this merger could bridge the digital divide, provide new job opportunities, and create jobs in a company known for its award-winning culture of diversity and inclusion.

Ron Brisé leverages a wealth of experience in governmental, legislative, political and business arenas to represent the interests of clients in matters that include appropriations, business development, education, governmental and legislative affairs, public policy, and economic development. During Brisé’s time in the Florida Legislature, he was designated democratic whip and served as vice chair of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators. Following his tenure in the Legislature, he was tapped to serve on the Florida Public Service Commission where he served multiple terms including in the role of chair. Brisé is passionate about bringing together different people and interests to accomplish a common goal, and leverages his relationships with policymakers both nationally and internationally on behalf of clients.

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