Gunster attorney Mike TannerThe Florida Bar recently ran a news story on the race for Bar President-Elect. Gunster shareholder Mike Tanner is one of the two qualified candidates running. The article quoted Tanner on his top priorities and goals, which include:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the judicial branch of government with adequate sources of funding
  • Maintaining the Supreme Court’s regulation of the legal profession
  • Ensuring quality and preserving the level of professionalism in the practice of law in Florida
  • Holding top quality, diverse judges on the bench, and a well-funded judiciary

Tanner believes his background and experienced leadership will be able to overcome the challenges the legal profession is going to see in the coming years.

Tanner is a seasoned legal strategist with more than thirty years of experience. He is dedicated to bringing that depth of experience and perspective to every client matter in which he is involved. Mike’s primary areas of practice include complex litigation, appellate (state and federal courts) and election law.

Read the full article to learn more about Tanner and his priorities: Tanner, Thompson Vie for Bar President-Elect


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