Gunster shareholder Michael Freed, a former president of the Jacksonville Bar Association, and the Jacksonville chapter of the Federal Bar Association, suggests that attorneys offer skills that can help their communities in times of crisis.

Freed discusses how and why attorneys should get involved in their communities in an article published on the Financial News & Daily Record website on Monday, Dec. 29.

Actions lawyers can take for the greater good include:

  • Listening: Seeking to understand is one way to protect our neighbors and communities.
  • Standing up against angry attacks: Demanding more intelligent and compassionate discussions can lead to positive, transformative action.
  • Considering alternative perspectives: Seeking out and attempting to understand options, especially when contrary to our own, are the first step. Encouraging and modeling respectful dialogue is the second.

Read the entire article: Lawyers can and should affect positive change (Financial News & Daily Record, 12/29/14)

Freed joined Gunster in December 2014. He is experienced in litigation, arbitration, administrative proceedings and other forms of dispute resolution. He believes in supporting causes important to where he lives and works. He and his wife Crystal have lived in Jacksonville for nearly 20 years.


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