Gunster shareholder and board chair George S. LeMieux was interviewed recently for Business Matters, a blog by Christine Barney, chair of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

The topic of discussion was how entrepreneurs can guide and grow their businesses in Miami, aka the Gateway to Latin America.

The key, LeMieux says in the interview, is keeping taxes and regulations low, and being mindful of infrastructure and logistics.

South Florida’s cultural and ethnic diversity provides business opportunities, and its diverse economy – based on a wide range of industries (no longer just real estate and tourism) – can help promote business growth in the region, he adds.

Florida already stands out from the crowd when it comes to international trade. Take the statistic LeMieux shares in the interview: that businesses in the state comprise 20 percent of U.S. exporters. With the right cultivation, Miami is perfectly poised to become the center of commerce for the Americas.

Read the entire interview: Cultivating South Florida’s competitive business climate (Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce chairman’s blog, 6/14/16)

LeMieux is chairman of the board at Gunster, where he practices law out of the firm’s Fort Lauderdale office. He is also on the 2015/2016 board of governors of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. LeMieux previously served as Florida’s 34th United States Senator in the 111th Congress.

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