Florida employment professionals offer sage advice in a recent Society for Human Resource Management article addressing workplace lottery pools. This comes as the largest Powerball jackpot payout to date is announced: some $1.58 billion going to ticket holders in California, Florida and Tennessee.

Going in on a group lottery ticket with colleagues at work may not be the best idea, Gunster employment law attorney Meredith Biggs tells SHRM Online.

It’s not good for employers, Biggs tells the publication and, according to the article, there are many ways it could go bad for employees as well.

In the event of a win, employers may lose valuable employees who quit to enjoy their windfall. Lawsuits among employees involved in (or left out of) the lottery pool can bring tension and a loss of productivity to the workplace.

Having a policy in place to deal with just such an event, Biggs suggests in the article, is one proactive step employers can take to prevent their employees’ good fortunes from disrupting company culture and the bottom line.

Read the article for more on how disruptive a windfall may be for employees, as well as examples of office lottery pools gone bad (and one that went good): Buying lottery tickets with colleagues: What could go wrong? (Society for Human Resource Management, 1/13/16)

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