Gunster international corporate lawyer Maria Acevedo-Belt and business litigator Anaili Cure write about a possible way forward for U.S. business investment in Cuba during the Trump era. Their commentary was published in the Daily Business Review on July 27.

In the article, Acevedo-Belt and Cure point out that business opportunities may exist, albeit on a more limited basis after President Trump’s 2017 restrictions on business dealings with entites affiliated with the Cuban government’s military, security and intelligence agencies.

Gunster attorney Maria Acevedo-BeltGunster attorney Anaili CureFor example, while this may prohibit hospitality transactions for the hotel and resort industry, there is opportunity in conducting business directly with the Cuban private sector in the areas of technology and telecommunications.

The “Support for the Cuban People” general license (one of 12 exceptions to the current embargo that are required for trade between the U.S. and Cuba) may cover the sale of cellphones, mobile apps, and related software or services, Acevedo-Belt and Cure point out in the article. U.S. companies such as Airbnb and Google are already engaging with Cuban entities in this arena, they add.

Read the entire article: iCuba: Tech and a way forward for U.S. investment in the Trump era (Daily Business Review) – note: subscription required.

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UPDATED 8/31/17

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