According to The Palm Beach Post last week, U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Ryskamp recently dismissed two separate lawsuits claiming aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney was responsible for a cluster of cancer-related illnesses affecting Acreage residents. Lack of proof was cited as the reason for the dismissals.

“[The] plaintiffs did not name any specific contaminants,” the judge wrote, adding that little evidence explained how toxins may have gotten from the Jupiter manufacturer’s site to the rural Acreage community seven miles away, according to the Post.

Gunster attorney Gregor Schwinghammer represented the manufacturer in the lawsuits. He spoke to the Post about the court’s decision to grant his motion to dismiss.

Read the complete article: Federal judge tosses two Acreage “cancer cluster” suits, citing lack of proof (The Palm Beach Post, 11/27/12)


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