David G. Bates profile image

David G. Bates

  • Office: West Palm Beach, Boca Raton
  • Practice Areas: Corporate Law, Technology Law, Emerging Companies, Securities Law & Corporate Governance, Cyber Security and Data Protection, Franchise & Distribution, Mergers and Acquisitions
Andrew B. Bayer profile image

Andrew B. Bayer

  • Office: Fort Lauderdale
  • Practice Areas: Corporate Law, Banking & Financial Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Law & Corporate Governance
Robert Behar profile image

Robert Behar

  • Office: Miami
  • Practice Areas: Environmental & Land Use Law
Kenneth B. Bell profile image

Kenneth B. Bell

  • Office: Tallahassee
  • Practice Areas: Business Litigation, Eminent Domain & Property Rights, Appellate Law
Justin Bennett profile image

Justin Bennett

  • Office: Tampa
  • Practice Areas: Business Litigation, Professional Liability Defense
Paula P. Bentley profile image

Paula P. Bentley

  • Office: Tampa
  • Practice Areas: Health Care, Government Affairs Law & Lobbying
Christopher P. Benvenuto profile image

Christopher P. Benvenuto

  • Office: West Palm Beach
  • Practice Areas: Business Litigation, Environmental & Land Use Law, Eminent Domain & Property Rights, Real Estate Law
Cassidy Bergstrom profile image

Cassidy Bergstrom

  • Office: Jacksonville
  • Practice Areas: Real Estate Law, Construction Law
Debra L. Boje profile image

Debra L. Boje

  • Office: Tampa
  • Practice Areas: Private Wealth Services, Probate, Trust & Guardianship Litigation, Tax Law, Health Care