Gunster attorneys have helped clients, including Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies, create data breach response plans, negotiate data-breach-related liability provisions in vendor and other contracts, address potential data breach issues as they develop, and respond to data breach situations and related litigation. The firm’s attorneys can also help businesses produce company policies and procedures specifically related to data and privacy issues.

Establishing an interdisciplinary team is often recommended for large companies doing business today. These teams may include executives, lawyers, public relations specialists and others who collaborate on a thorough data breach plan so that if a data breach event occurs, all appropriate stakeholders are properly notified, and the company can respond in a manner that addresses its business needs, legal compliance and PR concerns. Failing to utilize a collaborative effort can be problematic in the event of a data breach.

Our experience includes:

  • Privacy policies
  • Negotiation of data breach responsibility and liability provisions with key vendors
  • Analyzing compliance concerns, including HIPAA, GLBA and state laws
  • Development of data breach response plans, inquiry response plans, and notification plans for affected individuals
  • Executive and employee training
  • Analysis of possible data breach situations
  • Response to data breach situations
  • Litigation related to data breach
  • Assistance with general strategy and communications with regulators and law enforcement

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