Is Bitcoin for real? How will it affect my business?

In essence, Bitcoin was described as a digital currency that could be converted into cash. Currently, the Bitcoin economy has been created and exchanged independent of banks or governments – but there are many unknowns as to whether this will continue to be the case.

I’m working with an estate-planning attorney to create a trust/will for my family. My choices may be controversial to some family members. What can my attorney do to help minimize the risk of my trust/will being contested?

There are a number of reasons a will or trust may be contested. For example, disinheriting or significantly reducing the amount of assets passing to an heir may trigger a challenge. We’ve identified 13 steps to increase the probability your wishes will be honored, without significant inconvenience or expense.

Will the IRS go after investors in mortgage-backed securities?

This tax question is important to the IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement plans, charities, U.S. individuals, mutual funds and foreign investors who bought trillions of dollars of home-mortgage-backed securities. Because many of these investors are now seeking damages from banks and other originators of home mortgages, home mortgage servicing companies and brokerage firms who sold mortgage-backed securities, any IRS tax liabilities these investors incur could be shifted to those companies as well.


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