Facebook issuing an IPO was big news last week. What changes and challenges will this dorm-room startup now face since it will be a large, publicly held company accountable to shareholders?

The long-awaited Facebook initial public offering appears to have arrived more quickly than many people thought. While the offering will not be consummated for some time, it is generating huge interest among all levels of the technology and corporate finance communities. While there is little doubt that this IPO will be very successful in raising […]

The ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA) was meant to protect legitimate American businesses and their customers. How did an online campaign kill the bill, and where does that leave business owners?

Few events in the Internet’s short history have had the sheer power and spectacle of the recent rise and fall of the Stop Online Piracy Act (“SOPA”). SOPA and its companion bill, the Protect Intellectual Property Act (“PIPA”) quickly went from highly touted and strongly supported legislation that appeared certain to pass to sudden and ignominious defeat.

How do the new NLRB rules expose employers to organizing campaigns and elections? Will the new rules affect my workforce and should I be worried?

Just this past week, on December 21, the NLRB took action which could have a detrimental impact on all employers.  As promised by the partisan Board, the NLRB’s democratic members formally adopted rules which drastically modify representation case handling procedures.  This is the latest attempt to push through its pro-union agenda prior to the departure […]


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