There is a common misconception that Twitter and social media is for the younger generation.  It just isn’t true.  The teenagers may know how to upload pictures to Facebook- but they have no clue how to identify, qualify, and engage new clients online.  These “soft skills” for lack of a better term, are much more unusual.  The  ability to turn a contact into a client- that takes talent.I have always said that partners that already know how to network, and aren’t afraid to pick up the phone, have much more potential for success online than young  associates.  On this podcast conference call you will have the chance to meet Attorney Bob White, a shining example of an experienced partner level attorney that is landing new clients through Twitter.  You can read more about Bob at the Gunster Website and you can follow his tweets at @soflatechlawyer.

Bob White aka @soflatechlawyer

Bob White doesn’t just scratch the surface on Twitter, he takes advantage of all the free tools available to engage and make his networking as effective as possible.

Listen in to the recording of the call to hear:

How Mr. White landed his first client on Twitter
What tools he uses to save time and maximize his efforts
How Mr. White is setting the example to the younger attorneys at Gunster

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