In this video, Gunster business litigator Linda Conahan explains that business partnerships can be formed by oral agreement, and how decision-making rights and responsibilities make it somewhat like a marriage.

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Florida litigator on the perils of business partnerships

You may not know it, but if you’ve agreed to go into business with another person, you may already be running a general partnership.

That’s because partnerships are the only business entities that can be formed by oral agreement.

And once you’re in it, a partnership is like a marriage – partners have equal ownership and decision-making rights and responsibilities. For example:

  • General partners are liable for the business activities of each other. If your partner skips town, you’ll be liable for all the debts, not just half of them.
  • Profits are shared equally unless you agree otherwise.
  • Partners owe fiduciary duties to one another: loyalty, honesty, and not acting in his or her own self-interest.

Even if you go into business with a family member or your best friend, it’s a smart idea to create a written agreement that spells out each partner’s rights and responsibilities, including:

  • How decisions will be made
  • How nonmonetary contributions are to be valued
  • What happens if one partner leaves the business

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