In this video, Gunster business litigator Michael Freed provides examples of how early identification of potential issues, beyond the legal problem at hand, can help to provide practical advice, tailored to a client’s particular situation.

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Good legal advice comes from a trusted adviser

Effective lawyering requires more than being smart or knowing the law on a subject. Being smart and knowing the law should be a given. What makes a lawyer effective is the ability to be a true counselor – a trusted adviser.

Effective legal advice is practical and it’s tailored to a client’s specific needs. This means identifying implications beyond the legal problem at hand.

For example:

  • How might this transaction impact the company’s plans for capitalization and long-term growth?
  • Are there hidden tax implications that can be overcome by a different structure?
  • What are the regulatory requirements that could be implicated?
  • Might what we say in this litigation negatively impact customer relationships or even your business reputation?

High-end legal services like those we aim to provide at Gunster are not a one-size-fits-all commodity.

Effective lawyering is a true profession. That means we don’t just provide a legal product; we seek to understand and provide practical solutions to specific circumstances – solutions that are consistent with our clients’ overall business cultures and their strategies.


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