Gunster’s land use attorneys work as a part of your property development team – to ensure what you’re doing gets done the right way. Brian Seymour and Allison Turnbull elaborate in this video.

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How does a land use lawyer fit with your development team?

So you’ve assembled your development team filled with land planners, civil engineers, environmental consultants and lobbyists.

What value can a land use attorney add?

Lawyering. We make sure that what you’re doing gets done the right way.

The land planner designs. The land planners, together with your architects, engineers, what you need – but, at the end of it, you need to make sure that your development approval is something that you can actually accomplish and that as you go through the process, that things are done the right way.

A good land use attorney works with your existing development team to save you time, create efficiencies and move your project through to completion.

Ultimately, at Gunster, we are part of a team. We work with planners, engineers, architects, and clients all day, every day, to help developments get approved and, ultimately, get built.


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