Gunster employment and labor law attorney Ed Suarez-Solar, identifies the unique benefits of executive coaching for businesses.

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How does executive coaching benefit my business?

As a labor and employment attorney as well as a certified executive coach, I have witnessed executives and top-level managers not always having the opportunity to develop as leaders. That’s where coaching comes in.

Coaching goes way beyond the need to correct or resolve a problem, behavior or poor performance.

Organizational coaching is a proven tool to develop skills so your best people grow in a manner that positively impacts your business.

Change is hard, but a coach can assist by supplementing and refocusing a person’s skills in a manner that accelerates their learning curve for high-potential outcomes.

The focus is on the present with a view toward the future.

Coaching utilizes one-on-one sessions that enable an individual to self-discover, finding their own answers and, possibly even alternative approaches for situations that they’re dealing with on a daily basis.

This highly customized process empowers employees and allows the executive or senior manager to direct the organization to its desired outcomes in a manner that minimizes legal exposure and legal liability. And that’s the approach that coaching takes.

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