There are many international legal considerations to take into account as a part of your business plan. Florida litigator Joseph L. Raia identifies some of these strategies and options to be considered now – before you bump up against them as a result of any possible future litigation.

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International disruptions require strategic legal planning for your Florida business

These are disruptive times.

Multiple forces are pushing back against free trade and open borders and even international conventions and agreements.

But business isn’t going to stop crossing borders.

Goods, services, and people will continue to move in international commerce in pursuit of lower costs, expanding markets, and other opportunities.

Now, more than ever, strategic legal planning must take account of:

  • The international treaties that are in place, and are they being honored?
  • What rule of law applies?
  • Where do you want to resolve any disputes? Not only geographically, but whether in court or arbitration, and which tribunal will work best for you?
  • How do you go about bringing your adverse party within the jurisdiction of the tribunal you’ve selected? Is that going to take you days or months or more than a year before you can begin the dispute resolution process?
  • And if you succeed, and obtain an award, how are you going to enforce it?
  • What are the costs in terms of time and resources and money of all of these things? What options are available to you?

These are not afterthoughts. They deserve strategic planning and consideration at the beginning, and that’s what we do at Gunster.


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