Gunster land use attorneys Brian M. Seymour and Allison E. Turnbull discuss how having an attorney experienced and knowledgeable about the land use approval process can help protect your property rights or your permit approval.

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Protecting your property rights in land use permitting

In today’s politically charged real estate development environment, nobody wants to have to

  • challenge an improper denial of a land development application or
  • defend a challenge to a land use approval

But, unfortunately, it’s becoming more common.

Every decision, document and statement issued during the process could impact your ability to protect your property rights or your land use approval.

A lawyer experienced and knowledgeable about the approval process and who understands land use law can help put you in the best possible position to defend your approval or challenge a government denial of your rights.

At Gunster, we advise clients to consider potential issues early and comprehensively to avoid surprises. We work to address these issues right up front.

Gunster’s land use attorneys have helped Florida property owners assess how the rules governing land use applications may affect current or future development plans – and guide them through the permitting process.


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