Gunster Managing Shareholder Bill Perry and chairman of the board George S. LeMieux were featured in South Florida Business & Wealth magazine last week.

Perry and LeMieux have led the law firm, one of the largest in the state, through the highs of the 1980s and ’90s and the lows of the recession that began in 2008. Notably, both men joined Gunster right out of law school, in 1986 and 1994, respectively.

They sat down recently with SFBW editor Kevin Gale to discuss Gunster’s growth strategies and culture.

The big picture

Gunster Chairman of the Board George S. LeMieuxGunster Managing Shareholder Bill PerryNot only did the firm do well financially during the recession, Perry and LeMieux point out in the article, but the desire to have a presence in key wealth centers and business markets in Florida has led to Gunster’s current total of 13 offices strategically located throughout the state.

Well, that and a focus on top talent, matching the best legal team for the work no matter where in Florida the matter originates, and striving to make employees happy, which in turn makes them successful and productive.

The firm’s largest practice areas, Perry says, include real estate, corporate law, business litigation and private wealth services, which have also helped Gunster become the law firm successful business owners and executives turn to for legal help.

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Northeast Florida

Gunster Jacksonville Office Managing Shareholder Bill AdamsAlso spotlighted in the news last week was Jacksonville Office Managing Shareholder William E. Adams Jr. His profile was published May 22 in the Jacksonville Daily Record.

Adams helped found the Jacksonville office of Gunster in 2007. He notes in the article that the firm’s practice areas have evolved naturally over time, with the clients it serves.

Growth was always a given, Adams points out, because wealth migration to Florida continues, despite the economic downturn during the recession.

Florida in general, and Jacksonville in particular, Adams says, are ideal for Baby Boomers looking to retire someplace warm, or those looking for a state or region with a pro-business climate.

Adams reiterated LeMieux’s and Perry’s comments about hiring the best people and selecting the best team for the work.

Read the entire article: ‘Florida’s law firm for business’ right at home (Jacksonville Daily Record, 5/22/17)


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