Giving Back

Since Gunster’s beginning in 1925, a major aspect of the firm’s philosophy is to give back in ways that make a meaningful difference in our community. Our firm is deeply committed to this principle, and our leadership and attorneys approach community service with the same level of energy, drive, integrity and innovative thinking as manifest in our legal practice. Service is the main platform on which we base our true success, both in principle and in practice.

Community service is a major component of our cultural DNA. Gunster serves Florida by supporting a significant number of organizations spanning a variety of causes and regions. Our committed shareholders, associates and professional staff are encouraged to pursue civic and philanthropic interests by contributing their time and skills to various organizations, by serving in leadership positions on boards of not-for-profit organizations and through other volunteer endeavors. Our firm and attorneys have received a variety of awards and recognition for their outstanding citizenship as a result.

Pro bono representation rests at the heart of Gunster. We support our attorneys who take on cases and causes that further the concept of justice. Our firm is known for forging relationships of support, trust and consideration, and we consciously dedicate the necessary resources to pro bono matters in order to ensure their success.

We raise our hands when volunteers are needed — and without being asked. We are also involved in clothing drives, toy drives and an annual suit drive for women seeking to enter the workforce. All of these initiatives bring hope and joy to the communities in which we live, work and call home.

Gunster believes vibrant and healthy individuals are far better able to serve. Our in-house Wellness Committee strives to keep Gunster employees healthy and productive through programs and educational courses — we actively promote a healthy lifestyle. “Get well, be well, stay well” is the motto our Wellness Committee, which diligently promotes a flourishing lifestyle, both at work and after hours. The firm maintains an active in-house program with a health pedometer, stages an annual Health Fair for employees as well as distributes monthly bulletins on health-related news.

Environmental stewardship and the minimization of our institutional footprint infiltrates important firm operations decisions. Gunster partners with the EPA to participate in the Law Office Challenge of instituting “best green practices.” The Broward County Women Lawyers Association awarded Gunster its Green Law Firm Award in recognition of the firm’s achievements in this program.

We believe in recycling and use only biodegradable paper products. We recycle 90 percent of our office paper after confidential documents are shredded, and 90 percent of the paper we buy is made in part with post-consumer recycled content. We also purchase recycled file folders and other office supplies and institute double-sided photocopying whenever possible.