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Gunster is dedicated to serving as the voice of calm in uncertain moments. Discovery can be overwhelming. Discovery inefficiencies can cause litigation costs to skyrocket, regardless of the size of the dispute. Sharp-elbowed opponents oftentimes use discovery as a weapon, shifting attention from the merits of a dispute to budget-busting and never-ending conflicts over the minutia of data capture and production. As if the litigation environment wasn’t enough, throw in the risks associated with releasing data – uncontrolled disclosures, data breaches and the like – and clients are understandably nervous when thinking about eDiscovery. That’s where Gunster comes in.

Gunster’s eDiscovery team is comprised of experienced litigators focused on managing discovery for some of the biggest and most data-intensive cases in the country. Regardless of the size or complexity of the matter, our team works with clients and co-counsel to establish solid footing and develop a clear path forward with both legal compliance and cost efficiency in mind. Whether the case involves a hundred, a hundred thousand or several million documents, our team strives to hone in on process development and discovery management while also cutting through the noise of discovery and working toward resolution as efficiently as possible.

Gunster’s goal is to be technology-driven with a human touch. While the nuts and bolts of data collection, review and production are important, our team seeks to streamline a path across the discovery landscape by employing a strategic approach to addressing complex preservation issues head-on, privilege analyses that will last the lifetime of a case, data privacy questions, and information governance needs. Our team is skilled in discovery-management workflows that have the potential to mitigate regulatory and litigation risk, simplify the discovery process, and right-size associated costs. Moreover, our litigators leverage sophisticated analytics systems to cut through vast sets of data and documents to find what matters. With a watchful eye on our client’s bottom line, Gunster works to position electronic data as an advantage, rather than a liability.

Gunster makes a conscious effort to serve as the ideal partner for national law firms. Rooted in Florida, Gunster’s eDiscovery practice reaches nationwide. Our firm often partners with the largest firms in the country serving as lead trial counsel. From the beginning of a case, our team works with in-house and trial counsel to blend discovery strategy with trial strategy when coordinating the many moving parts involved in MDLs, regulator inquiries, parallel state-court litigation and internal investigations.


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