Class-Action Litigation

Gunster litigators maintain a proven track record in successfully defending against large-scale, class-action suits. Class actions continue to be one of the biggest risks to businesses today. With an extensive and well-established litigation practice, Gunster advises clients on all phases of class-action litigation. The firm’s experience in class-action litigation includes precertification hearing discovery, class certification motions, hearings and trial.

Our class-action litigation team has represented clients from a wide variety of specialized industries. Gunster attorneys offer substantial experience in defending businesses from industries as diverse as retail, insurance, banking and finance, energy and power, telecommunications, commercial and consumer product manufacturing, health care and pharmaceuticals, restaurant chains and retail, among many others.

Because early settlement can be an effective solution for our client, our litigators have been known to negotiate favorable, court-approved class settlements before adverse financial consequences can be realized. Our litigators work diligently to identify and mitigate potential exposure to class-action claims and other multiclaimant proceedings. In many class-action cases, our litigators have been granted dismissals, denials of class certification, as well as reversals of lower courts’ orders granting class certification.

Gunster attorneys know how to preserve the often intangible assets of the class-action process. Our attorneys understand that many clients may prefer to maintain the goodwill of customers, employees, stockholders and investors, government regulators and the media. A victory is not always measured by a win in court, and each client often has a specific goal when approaching the threat of a class suit.

In the event a preliminary settlement becomes impossible, Gunster is poised to take the action through trial and on appeal. Gunster’s class-action litigation team successfully defends class-action suits before judges and juries. The firm has represented a broad range of clients in a variety of federal and state class-action suits covering an array of substantive legal issues, including:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Labor and employment practices
  • Environmental claims
  • Health care
  • Financial fraud
  • Insurance
  • Product liability
  • Personal injury
  • RICO
  • Securities laws
  • Shareholder actions
  • Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA)
  • False advertising
  • Real estate and property damage
  • Toxic tort claims

Gunster appreciates what it takes to execute both aggressive and practical defense strategies. The firm’s attorneys offer unrivaled experience managing the early and later stages of defending putative class actions. Class-action suits can frequently involve hundreds to thousands of claimants and hundreds of millions of dollars. Stakes are often at a critical level and the expense of defending such suits are exacerbated by the threat of a negative outcome.

Florida plaintiffs’ counsel is adept at filing class-action suits. Plaintiff’s counsel know which state courts will offer more favorable circumstances, as well as where corporate defendants have the disadvantage. Our clients consistently benefit from the firm’s long experience and efficiency in assembling the optimal defense team that can be unleashed at any point in the proceeding.

The high level of competency of Gunster’s class-action litigation team is enhanced by the depth, focus and organization of the firm’s other litigation practices. Our trial attorneys in these specific groups have developed essential and specific competencies in areas of knowledge that amplify the defense of a class-action claim. The firm’s attorneys provide a wealth of trial and appellate experience and have litigated at all levels of state and federal courts. Gunster’s long history of effective advocacy before the Florida courts, coupled with the firm’s geographic presence throughout the state, ensure that our litigators are always prepared to wage a full-scale, long-term court fight.


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