Technology Law

Technology is the keystone of almost every enterprise imaginable. Regardless of the industry or business model, all organizations include a critical technology component. Gunster’s Technology attorneys embrace this concept, and strive to provide comprehensive legal counsel pertaining to technology law. Our experience includes:

  • Technology transactions
  • Privacy and data security
  • Website, Internet and electronic communications
  • Electronic marketing, advertising and promotions
  • Technology litigation

Because technology is often the primary driver of success, every company is a technology company. Even when technology is not the primary product offering of the enterprise or directly connected to operations, most companies rely on technology even in its simplest forms, such as mobile devices and company websites, as well as management, sales and/or financial and payroll software applications.

The legal implications of technology have infused practically every aspect of running a successful business. As a result, Gunster’s technology clients are as diverse as the firm’s practice. Our attorneys have dedicated themselves to overcoming some of the most complex technology-related challenges imaginable, and for clients that include traditional tech companies, entrepreneurs and startups, brick and mortar businesses, as well as large, Fortune 500 companies.

Gunster is committed to being a resource for business owners, operators, in-house counsel and IT departments seeking forward-thinking solutions to complicated tech challenges. Our attorneys seek to guide clients through myriad obstacles, whether called upon to launch a technology startup; assist a large, international public organization in negotiating the terms and conditions of an outsourced cloud-based email initiative; support in-house counsel to analyze a response to a possible data breach; or assist a local mom-and-pop operation with a mobile phone policy.

Our technology law team strives to ensure client goals are met

Our team’s objective is to identify and leverage our client’s technology transaction. In addition to strategic legal counseling for U.S. and foreign-based clients, our Technology team negotiates, documents and closes the full spectrum of technology-related transactions, including technology transfers, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity financing, software and hardware acquisitions, e-commerce and interactive marketing agreements. Our goal is to serve our clients time and again regarding structuring, negotiating and documenting such agreements.

Gunster’s Technology attorneys are dedicated to delivering strategic legal counsel and litigation-related advocacy. Our team strives to provide significant support to clients when technology-related issues arise. Gunster represents clients in disputes involving the breach of technology agreements, domain name disputes, unfair competition, trade secrets, cybersquatting, content scraping, intellectual property (patent, trademark and copyright infringement) and search engine matters. The firm has also defended clients in technology-related actions brought by state regulatory authorities, as well as federal agencies such as the FTC and FCC.

Our mission is to offer a cross-section of knowledge and experience where technology and business law converge. Companies of all sizes require legal services in a number of specific disciplines. Our Technology team pursues a synergistic approach to the practice of law, and strives to continuously understand exactly where and how technology and business law overlap.

Gunster clients can benefit by the sheer size and expansive reach of the firm as a whole. Our Technology team endeavors to work seamlessly with colleagues in other practice areas, such as banking and financial institutions, health care, employment, litigation and the like, in order to steadfastly focus on achieving the goals of our clients.

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