Law360 Pulse recently published an article discussing the Mind-Budget Connection (MBC), a new mental health initiative that Gunster Shareholder Christine Payne and several other eDiscovery professionals are spearheading to combat industry burnout and stress. MBC is a working group aimed at finding a correlation between pricing models and mental health outcomes in eDiscovery.

Burnout and stress are common problems in the eDiscovery industry, Payne emphasizes. Referencing much-needed organizational change, Payne states “If we are continually putting people into an environment that doesn’t have a chance of success in terms of balancing workloads appropriately or managing stress, then laying it at the employee’s feet isn’t going to be successful.”

In addition to Payne, MBC members include eDiscovery professionals from 3M, Volkswagen of America, CBRE, and the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver. MBC recently launched a wellness survey to analyze the rate of burnout and stress in the field of eDiscovery, and the working group plans to utilize the feedback by publishing a white paper and presenting takeaways at a major conference.

Gunster attorney Christine Payne

Christine Payne is a nationally recognized litigator focused on eDiscovery and overarching litigation strategy. She brings practical skill to high-dollar, bet-the-company cases, handling all aspects of discovery for complex commercial litigation, restructuring-related litigation, products liability litigation, antitrust matters, Section 220 requests and ongoing or anticipated investigations.

With clients ranging from Fortune 100 technology companies and accounting firms to healthcare laboratories and manufacturing businesses, Christine advises on litigation readiness, developing eDiscovery protocols, budget-focused data analytics, and recovering from data loss.  


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