Three Gunster Shareholders to Present at Panamas Banker’s Association


August 25, 2011 – August 31, 2011 @ 12:00 am – 12:00 am



13801 Military Trail Delray Beach

Gunster shareholders Alan S. Lederman, Andres “Andy” Fernandez and Martin R. Press will be presenting at the Panama Bankers Association.

Alan Lederman will be presenting on the general IRS anti-tax-haven developments within the last year affecting Panamanian banks, including the requirement that U.S. individuals’ report to IRS their 2011 Panamanian assets (on Forms 8938) in 2012,  the 2011 Panama-U.S.  tax information exchange agreement, the 2011 Levin bills, etc.

Andy Fernandez will speak on the FATCA legislation and the likely outline of the agreement with the IRS which Panamanian banks will have to sign in 2013 with the IRS, requiring the Panamanian banks to turn over information on their 2014 U.S. accounts beginning in 2015.

Martin Press and Charles Rettig, Esq., of Hochman Salkin Rettig Toscher & Perez PC in Beverly Hills, CA  will present “How we Panamanian banks must reduce our risks associated with FATCA – Understanding the individual and institutional liabilities and responsibilities.”


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