Gunster attorney Joe SantoroGunster attorney Joseph G. Santoro, co-chair of the firm’s labor and employment law practice, recently spoke with South Florida Business & Wealth magazine on the topic of transgender legal protections – specifically, what Florida employers need to know.

The biggest issues surrounding transgender protections under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Santoro says, appear to be centered around the bathroom issue, as well as the accommodation of potentially competing interests (complying with transgender legal rights vs. the reasonable accommodation of religious beliefs).

Just because other employees may be offended or uncomfortable does not alleviate an employer’s requirement to treat transgendered individuals no differently than other employees, Santoro points out in the article.

And when it comes down to the bathroom issue, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s position is that employers cannot force transgendered persons to use a unisex bathroom, Santoro adds.

It is important business owners and management comply with the law, and contact their lawyer for counsel about policies and practices related to transgender issues in the workplace.

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