Gunster attorneys John Moran and Nicklaus Curley spoke to Palm Beach Gardens Lifestyle Magazine recently about changes in Florida laws that could mean big changes for those interested in changing wills and trusts — even irrevocable ones.

Even the most carefully considered estate plans may require updates or changes, Moran tells the magazine, and changes in Florida law represent an ideological shift in estate planning, a trend that’s likely to continue.

What can trigger the need to change irrevocable wills and trusts? Changes in a person’s life, including declining finances or health, he tells the publication.

To find out how often a will should be updated and the best age to have a will, read the entire article:  What do do when best-laid plans go awry? Modify them! (PBG Lifestyle, September 2012)

Read the related Boardroom Brief post by John Moran and colleague Jane Brown: What are my options if I want to modify or fix an already-executed irrevocable trust or will? (May 15, 2012)



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