Gunster attorney Mike Freed recently wrote an article for the Jacksonville Business Journal on the topic of business agreements aka restrictive covenants, which protect a business and restrict employees or consultants.

Probably the most well known are noncompete agreements, in which employees agree not to directly compete with or work for the employer’s business competition within certain parameters (e.g., for a reasonable period of time, specific geographic). Freed cautions against overreaching noncompete agreements and for agreements to serve a “legitimate business interest.”

Alternatives to noncompetes include nonsolicitation, noncircumvent, nondisclosure, confidentiality and work-for-hire agreements.

Choosing the correct agreement for the situation is what’s most important, Freed stresses in the article.

Read the entire article: 6 types of restrictive covenants to protect your business (Jacksonville Business Journal, 5/10/16)

Freed is a shareholder in Gunster’s Jacksonville office. He is Florida Bar board-certified in business litigation and regularly litigates the enforceability of employer/employee agreements.

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