Gunster attorney Keith SonderlingPosting about a new job on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn may constitute a breach of a nonsolicitation agreement, Gunster attorney Keith Sonderling tells The Wall Street Journal. Nonsolicitation agreements are used to prevent former employees who go to work for a competitor from recruiting former co-workers.

In the August 2 Wall Street Journal article, writer Jonnelle Marte notes that status updates, title changes or friend requests may cause a former employer to take action.

And when a person’s social network consists primarily of former colleagues, Sonderling adds, employers may have a stronger case that a nonsolicitation agreement has been breached.

Read the entire article: Tweeting about a new job can get you sued (The Wall Street Journal – MarketWatch, 8/2/13) or a related article: Starting a new job? Tweet it, be sued (SmartPlanet, 8/2/13).

Sonderling also recently spoke to on the topic (or watch the video on the website:


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