Gunster attorneys Elaine Bucher, Michael Simon and Alyse Reiser of the firm’s private wealth services practice, were published on recently.

Elaine Bucher  Michael Simon  Alyse Reiser

Their article, “The best defense is a good offense,” addresses how estate planning attorneys should proceed when they believe a will or trust may be contested.

Following their 13-step process may help reduce the risk of a successful challenge to a will or trust.

For example, having the testator call a family meeting may quell the surprise/shock/disappointment/anger common among beneficiaries when they first learn of the contents of the will or trust. Caution and sensitivity must be used when broaching this topic, although it is worthwhile, as it is more difficult to challenge an estate plan that was clearly communicated to the beneficiaries by the testator.

Read the entire article: The best defense is a good offense (, 3/8/13)


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