Florida's water future: Where is it going? Where will it come from?The December issue of Florida Trend magazine features a spread on the future of water in Florida. By 2035, it is estimated that the state will need 7.5 billion gallons of water per day, which is a 17% increase from present-day demands. The good news is that Florida’s water management districts have solutions through 2035, but the bad news is that water is becoming more and more expensive. Gunster attorney Luna Phillips weighed in on the conversation stating how these increasing water-related costs have impacted developers. “10 to 15 years ago, securing water supply for a project amounted to little more than checking a box on a form. It is sometimes an eye-opening issue for developers when they realize that this is going to take more time, more thought and a lot more money than they anticipated to be sure their developments get enough water.”

Luna Phillips leads Gunster’s environmental law practice. Prior to joining the firm, Phillips was a senior attorney for the South Florida Water Management District and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. She practices exclusively in the area of water and natural resources law before state and federal agencies.

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