Opinion: Proposed constitutional amendment could raise electricity prices for consumersIn a recent op-ed in Florida Politics, Gunster attorney Lila Jaber discusses a proposed constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot that would allow consumers to choose their own electricity provider. In the thought piece, Jaber discusses her concerns with what a deregulated energy state could look like for consumers.

“Even with two decades worth of data, deregulated states cannot prove to offer substantially lower rates, more reliable energy or cleaner energy sources,” says Jaber. “In fact, in terms of affordability, Florida’s average electricity rates are 25 percent lower than those in the deregulated states, and our average retail price per kilowatt-hour is below the national average according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.”

As a former Florida Public Service Commissioner, she says that Floridians should beware of of the ideas that sound good on the surface. “Our current regulatory model has effectively kept rates low and affordable, protected our environment, ensured system reliability, facilitated innovation and economic investment, and, most importantly, kept our citizens safe.”

Jaber serves as a regional managing shareholder at Gunster and leads the firm’s government affairs law & lobbying practice. She is the architect of the Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum, a group focused on highlighting the workforce and economic development contributions of the electric and natural gas industries in the state.

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