Gunster attorney Bob LammGunster attorney Robert B. Lamm, co-chair of the firm’s securities and corporate governance practice, recently wrote about the top 10 issues for public companies in Florida. The article was published in the May 10 issue of the South Florida Business Journal.

business conference roomGovernance reforms may be coming to Florida public companies – if they haven’t already. In the article, Lamm says these reforms are being driven by empowered institutional investors who may turn to targeting middle-market companies after already obtaining the easiest of reforms from the billion-dollar giants. It may be a good time to reconsider business needs vis-a-vis governance practices such as staggered boards, plurality voting for directors and more, in order to be prepared should your company face a reform effort.

Communication is another important consideration for local business owners and executives. Engaging with management, directors and investors can help head off a host of problematic issues. Topics to cover may include executive compensation, governance or even strategy of the business. Selecting board members for their communication skills can be an important first step.

Find out more about all 10 issues Lamm discusses in the article, including shareholder activism, proxy statements, succession and disaster plans: 10 biggest issues facing Florida public companies.

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