On September 14, 2023, a Gunster team led by Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and Elinette Ruiz-Diaz de la Portilla won a 4 to 1 rezoning approval before Miami-Dade County’s Community Zoning Appeals Board (CZAB  8), of a 29-acre lake refill project on a 57-acre parcel of submerged land in Northwest Miami-Dade for Lake Sana Developments, LLC. (See prior news coverage here.) 

The project consists of 100 workforce housing units on 10 three-story multi-family buildings, including recreational amenities, a network of sidewalks, green open spaces and lush landscaping exceeding minimum code requirements. This project was conceived based on significant input from the surrounding community, and is geared for the local workforce.

Gunster Attorney, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla focuses his practice on local government law, particularly land use and zoning and government procurement. With decades of experience as a land use and zoning attorney in Miami-Dade County, Miguel represents major developers in securing government approvals for large scale residential, commercial, mixed use, and/or retail projects before various municipal and county governments. He is also a skilled civil litigator who has represented clients in matters before state and federal courts and an array of administrative bodies.

Elinette Ruiz-Diaz de la Portilla

Elinette Ruiz-Diaz de la Portilla focuses her practice on local government law, particularly land use and zoning, and government procurement. Elinette’s clients include builders, developers and land owners involved in land use and zoning matters at every phase of the development process. Her years of experience include advising clients on issues that range from zoning approvals to subdivision, including due diligence reviews, vested rights claims, local comprehensive plan amendments, historic preservation approvals, permit matters, and a variety of associated environmental concerns.


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