Are destination resorts coming to Florida?

One of the hot-button issues already under debate in Tallahassee, and subsequently throughout the state, is the expansion of gaming, specifically a bill that was introduced by Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale and Representative Erik Fresen, R-Miami. Although the gaming bill (SB 710 / HB 487) may look like a completely different animal by the time it passes through committees and makes its way to the floor for legislators to vote on, here’s a highlight of some key points from the 142 pages that make up the bill as it stands today.

Florida Redistricting: Balancing State & Federal Law

Every 10 years, Florida redraws its legislative and congressional districts to reflect the changes in population. This go around, the Florida House of Representatives made it easier than ever before for any individual to participate in the process.

The 2011 Florida Legislative Session impact on community associations relating to collecting dues and assessments.

Although most of the newly adopted legislation changes affecting the Florida’s Condominium Act (Chapter 718) and Florida’s Homeowners Association Act (Chapter 720.301, et seq.) have been minor, there are some changes worth noting that have been expanded. In 2010, the Legislature made some improvements in legislation regarding assessment collections from delinquent homeowners. This year, these laws have been expanded and/or clarified. Some positive changes for homeowner associations include matters regarding renters, voting rights and access to personal information.

This is the last regularly scheduled week of Florida’s Legislative Session. What issues are still outstanding and when will they be resolved?

On Monday, the Florida Legislature entered the final scheduled week of the 60-day legislative session. Often in this flurry of final week activity, many issues are still unresolved and become part of the last minute negotiations in order to reach compromise between the two chambers. In an unprecedented move late last week, House and Senate negotiators agreed to insert the House version of the Growth Management bill (HB 7129) with some amendments into the conforming bill for the state budget, which will force an up-or-down vote on the matter along with other budget issues.

What is the future of Florida’s Growth Management?

One of Governor Scott’s important initiatives currently being considered by the Legislature is that of substantial change to Florida’s Growth Management regulations. To some, this has raised concerns about unfettered growth throughout Florida. There are several related bills and amendments moving through the state House and Senate.

Each year as I prepare my taxes, I’m reminded of the need to re-evaluate my overall estate plan for potential tax issues and implications. What are a few items I should be looking for?

1.  Review your will and/or trust to make sure it reflects the beneficiaries you want to provide for and that it names the person you want to handle your affairs.  A changes such as a birth, death, marriage or divorce can affect those you have named in the document.  If the person you have named […]

Last week, Governor Scott revealed his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year and announced a plan to reduce the state’s budget by nearly $4 billion in one year. As in years past, the projected estimates for the state’s budget show Florida will continue to see depressed revenues through fiscal year 2011-2012. What is in the Governor’s proposed budget?

On Monday February 7th, Governor Rick Scott released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2011-12 and 2012-13 to the Legislature. Representatives from his office made numerous presentations to various committees of the House and Senate and the Governor announced his plans, called “The Jobs Budget”, in a press conference in Eustis, Florida. His proposed budget […]


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