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State of Florida Executive Orders and Other Info

Re: Phase 3: Right to Work; Business Certainty; Suspension of Fines (No. 20-244)

Re: Moving Palm Beach County into Phase 2 Opening (No. 20-214)

Re: Amending Executive Orders 20-68, 20-139, 20-166, and 20-179 (No. 20-192)

Re: DBPR Emergency Order Suspending Sales of Alcoholic Beverages for On-Premises consumption (No. 2020-09)

Re: Phase 2: Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for Florida’s Recovery

Broward County Administrator’s Emergency Order 05/14/2020 (No. 20-10)

Governor DeSantis’ Florida Recovery Plan—Presented 04/29/2020

Re: Phase 1: Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for Florida’s Recovery (No. 2-112)

Re: Extends Executive Orders 20-87 & 20-91 (No. 20-111)

Re: Essential Services List (No. 20-91)

Re: Suspension of Doc Stamp Taxes Related to the CARES Act (No. 20-95)

Re: Statewide Stay at Home Order (No. 20-91)

Re: Declaration of a Public Health Emergency (No. 20-89)

Re: Isolation of Individuals Traveling to Florida (No. 20-82)

Re: Airport Screening and Isolation (No. 20-80)

Re: Non-Essential Medical Procedures (No. 20-72)

Re: Alcohol Sales, Restaurants and Gyms (No. 20-71)

Re: Palm Beach and Broward Counties Closures (No. 20-70)

Re: Local Government Public Meetings (No. 20-69)

Re: Bars, Beaches and Restaurants (No. 20-68)

Executive Office of the Governor Executive Order No. 20-68

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Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Summary Page

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Florida Department of Revenue

Extension of State and Local Tax Deadlines

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Local and Municipal Information

Broward County

Administrator’s Emergency Order No. 20-01

Hillsborough County

Administrator’s Executive Order

Miami-Dade County

All Emergency Orders by Date

Emergency Order No. 07-20

Monroe County

Emergency Directive No. 2020-02

Palm Beach County

Emergency Order No. 2020-002

Orange County

Emergency Executive Order No. 2020-05

Executive Order No. 2020-04

Emergency Executive Order No. 2020-03

City of Boca Raton

Temporary Closures of “Non-Essential” Businesses

City of Jacksonville

Emergency Executive Order Re: Work at home/Remote Work Requirement No. 2020-3

Emergency Executive Order Re: Capacity Reduction and Alcohol Sales Limitation No. 2020-1

Emergency Executive Order Re: Emergency Declaration No. 2020-001

Emergency Executive Order Re: Beach Closure No. 2020-2

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Water Management Districts

Northwest Florida WMD’s Updates

South Florida WMD‘s Emergency Order 2020-004

Southwest Florida WMD’s Update

St. Johns River WMD’s Announcement

Suwannee River WMD’s Response

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Third Party Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Education

Florida Department of Emergency Management

Florida Disaster Loan

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Department of Labor’s Federal Employee Poster

Department of Labor’s Non Federal Employee Poster

Department of Labor’s FAQs for Paid Leave

Department of Homeland Security Memo re: Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

Florida Supreme Court & Local County Court Orders

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Emergency Management Page by County

Broward County

City of Jacksonville

Hillsborough County

Miami-Dade County

Monroe County

Orange County

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