In a Daily Business Review article titled As South Florida Runs Low on Land to Develop, Some Law Firms Are Looking North for Growth, Gunster CEO & Managing Shareholder, Bill Perry, talks about Gunster’s continued growth on the west coast of Florida.

As Perry explains, “Hillsborough County is roughly the same size as Palm Beach County with about 1.5 million people on it. I think you’re going to see that grow dramatically because it’s going to have a denser downtown area than you’re going to see in West Palm Beach. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillsborough County ultimately passes Broward County [in population].”

Gunster CEO & Managing Shareholder Bill Perry

H. William (Bill) Perry is CEO and managing shareholder of Gunster. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the firm, Bill continues to practice real estate and business law, specializing in complex commercial and financial transactions.

As a practicing lawyer, Bill has worked on many large residential and commercial real estate projects throughout Florida. Specifically, Bill has worked on a variety of infrastructure projects that have helped shape South Florida, including power plants, airports and large residential communities. Bill has previously represented many of the key players in the construction and development industries and in the trade and logistics sector including real estate developers, contractors, shipping companies, railways, energy companies, aggregate suppliers and road contractors.


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