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Q&A with Lisa Sparrow, president & CEO of Utilities, Inc.

Lisa Sparrow is the CEO of Utilities, Inc., a privately held water and wastewater utility serving primarily residential customers in 15 states, including Florida. Utilities, Inc. has become one of the largest investor-owned utility providers in the country.

Q&A with Andrew Duffell, president and CEO of the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University

Andrew Duffell is president and CEO of the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, a 94-acre park located in Boca Raton that provides an exceptional environment for the growth of health and medical arts technology. The Research Park helps keep companies in Florida, many of which would have looked elsewhere for lack of available, affordable laboratory space.

Q&A with Gregory English President & Owner of Air Dimensions

1. You are part owner and President of Air Dimensions, Inc., a South Florida based company which engineers and manufacturers high precision diaphragm pumps and compressors. Can you define for us who your customer is, what industries you serve and some of the more unique applications of your product?

Q&A with Earl Stewart, Owner and General Manager of Earl Stewart Toyota and Scion

Earl Stewart Toyota and Scion sells more cars than any other dealership in Palm Beach County and is the 7th largest seller of Toyota’s in the Southeast. Your automotive showroom and full service center is located in the historic town of Lake Park in northern Palm Beach County with a population estimated under 10,000. Although now boasting a brand new, state-of-the-art facility, Earl Stewart has been located in the same spot for 35 years. How can you sell so many cars in such a small population area? How has your management philosophy helped you not only thrive, but expand in extraordinarily difficult economic times?

Q & A with John Delaney, President of the University of North Florida

Since 2003, you have served as President of UNF located in Jacksonville, Florida, a program established in 1975 and today home to more than 16,000 enrolled students. UNF was recently ranked by The Princeton Review as the country’s 5thbest value and Consumer Digest ranked the university #7 on its list of best values among public colleges and universities in the United States. What do you feel are the key factors contributing to UNF’s growing national reputation?

Q & A with John Duffy, Co-founder and CEO of 3Cinteractive

You are co-founder and CEO of 3Cinteractive (3Ci), a Boca Raton based company which builds cloud-based mobile software platforms, designs solutions and deploys strategies that help businesses communicate with consumers on their mobile devices. As cell phones continue to revolutionize the way we do business today, how important is it for retailers to implement mobile commerce (mcommerce) when marketing their products? Can you compare the growth of mcommerce to that of ecommerce as we look ahead?


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