Gunster’s land use and zoning lawyers can counsel prospective real estate developers on zoning approvals in Florida in a number of ways. Attorney Mario Garcia-Serra explains.

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What do zoning approvals involve?

While obtaining zoning approvals often includes a political component, it always includes a legal component.

There are a variety of zoning approvals that you can obtain for the development of real property, such as:

  • Rezonings
  • Variances
  • Warrants
  • Waivers

And all of these approvals must be obtained in a manner so as to withstand legal challenge and appeal.

Gunster land use and zoning attorneys can assist you in property due diligence, preparing these applications, representing you before the various boards that need to approve it – as well as the usual zoning due diligence and political advice necessary to get them approved.

There are many variables to obtaining zoning approvals and having a land use attorney is a must.


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