What is a “tip credit” and what effect does it have upon the minimum wage paid to “tipped employees” in Florida?

Under Florida law, employers are required to pay employees the state minimum wage rate for all hours worked unless, the federal minimum wage becomes higher than the state rate or the employee is a “tipped employee.” A “tipped employee” is one who customarily and regularly receives more than $30 per month in tips.  Under both […]

Should Airlines Control their Security Checks?

Following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the U.S. government nationalized the nation’s airport security.  But now critics – namely, Fox Business Network host John Stossel – are calling for the government to privative the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Stossell, who came to fame in many of his on-air, libertarian-skewed pieces on ABC’s news magazine […]

I recently read an article indicating that buying a distressed business can bring great rewards. Are there any special legal considerations I should consider when purchasing a distressed business?

From the legal standpoint, buying a distressed business is very different than purchasing a healthy, solvent business.  A potential buyer of a distressed business must first determine both the nature and the degree of the target's distress.  In this regard, financial and legal due diligence are perhaps the most important components of any distressed acquisition.  […]

Q&A with James B. Meany, President of Lydian Bank & Trust

As President of Lydian Bank & Trust, James Meany directs the Bank’s private banking, asset and wealth management and trust services. He brings more than 25 years of banking, investment and fiduciary management experience to Lydian’s initiatives.


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