BISNOW Event | Miami State of the Market


September 12, 2023 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


5200 Waterford

5200 Waterford District Drive, Suite 500
Miami, FL 33126

On September 12, Gunster Shareholder Miguel Diaz de la Portilla will moderate a panel discussing “Engaging Communities and Fostering Inclusivity in Miami’s Real Estate Development” during the BISNOW Miami State of the Market event.

This program is part four of a five-part series of BISNOW-hosted events discussing major development projects and market trends across the state. The Orlando State of the Market event was held on June 27; the Jacksonville Construction and Development Summit event was held on August 1; the South Florida Women Leading Real Estate Awards and Cocktail event was held on August 30; and the Future of Palm Beach event will be held in December (date TBD).

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Gain insight into the inherent opportunities and challenges of developing Miami’s waterfront properties, including considerations for environmental impact, regulatory frameworks, and market dynamics.
  • Explore the rising importance of sustainability and green construction practices in shaping the future of real estate, discussing how sustainable design can contribute to property value and attract environmentally conscious buyers.
  • Examine the benefits and implications of modular construction and prefabrication, including speed, cost-effectiveness, quality control, and environmental impact, within Miami’s dynamic real estate industry.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the complex factors contributing to Miami’s affordable housing crisis, highlighting innovative strategies and successful examples of public-private partnerships tackling this issue.
  • Hear a comprehensive analysis of the rise of alternative asset classes, such as co-living, co-working spaces, micro-units, and industrial assets, including their impact on investment strategies and traditional real estate models.
  • Discuss the evolving role of technology in real estate, emphasizing on the strategic utilization of digital tools and data analytics for property marketing, sales, and the customer journey in a hybrid physical-digital environment.
  • Look into how community involvement and corporate social responsibility are integral to real estate development, addressing sustainability, equity, and wellness in shaping Miami’s urban spaces.
  • Understand how to align sales and marketing objectives for optimal business performance, with insights into collaborative strategies, data integration, and the development of unified customer journeys.
  • Learn about Miami’s changing demographics, outlining the associated shifts in real estate demand, consumer preferences, and investment strategies across various property types.
  • Hear a discussion on how major infrastructure and transportation projects are transforming Miami’s real estate landscape, impacting neighborhood accessibility, property values, and future development prospects.

How You’ll Do More Business: Gain industry insights, foster connections, and discover new strategies while delving into an extensive range of topics, from understanding the potential of waterfront properties and modular construction to dissecting the affordable housing crisis and grasping the power of integrated branding in commercial real estate. You’ll learn how to navigate Miami’s changing demographics, assess the influence of infrastructure on real estate development, and utilize cutting-edge tools and data analytics for property marketing and sales. You’ll emerge with actionable takeaways to strategically address the challenges of today’s market, seize emerging opportunities, and propel your business to new heights. By learning from industry leaders and engaging in thoughtful discussions, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions, innovate, and excel in the evolving real estate landscape.

Who You’ll Meet: Top investors, developers, brokers and agents, policymakers, architects, community advocates, property managers, and industry experts in the Miami commercial real estate market.

Gunster Attorney, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla focuses his practice on local government law, particularly land use and zoning and government procurement. With decades of experience as a land use and zoning attorney in Miami-Dade County, Miguel represents major developers in securing government approvals for large scale residential, commercial, mixed use, and/or retail projects before various municipal and county governments. He is also a skilled civil litigator who has represented clients in matters before state and federal courts and an array of administrative bodies.


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