Gunster provides its clients with online access to their Corporate records.

Our secure client portal enables our clients to access their information at any time – no phone calls, no delays, no frustrations.

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In today’s business world, speed and efficiency affect your bottom line. As technology evolves, so should your law firm. Gunster is proud to be one of the first and largest commercial law firms to bring our corporate clients secure online direct access to important legal documents.  Stored on Gunster’s data servers, rather than ‘in the cloud’, these records are secure and up-to-date with your most recent information.  Gunster’s client portal is accessible from our website and delivers the convenience and flexibility of having your information at your fingertips without delay.

The decision to transition from paper-based Minute Books to Virtual Minute Books is aligned with the Firm’s decision to execute a technology strategy that advances our strategic vision to become the preeminent statewide commercial law firm in Florida.


Whether it is the client, the attorney or the paralegal who is looking for a particular corporate document – when there is a searchable, centralized online location for all corporate records and documents, any record or document can be found efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Gunster clients can be confident knowing that their documents are in one location, contain the latest versions, are sorted by date, are properly named, are organized by topic, are completely searchable, and are subject to full disaster recovery.


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